Thank you to all of our supporters! See y’all Season 2

14 August 2012 ·

The season finale!

7 August 2012 ·

This week Chazzy gives all our male viewers exactly what they want…

31 July 2012 ·

Those kids in this hotel!

24 July 2012 ·

Ol’ Chazzy is gonna drop you!

17 July 2012 ·

Sing those tunes Bikini Babe!

16 July 2012 ·

SPACE! The final FUNtier.

26 June 2012 ·

Time to get rid of that ADD!

22 June 2012 ·

Time to break up with your ugly ass girlfriend

5 June 2012 ·

Let bikini babe Leah pitch your tent.

5 June 2012 ·

About the Show

No, Chazzy P will not be in a bikini (at least not every episode). Instead, he will be accompanied by (resident hot babe) Leah Kavita, in a bikini. Together they will be teaching you life's important tasks and answering most of your questions. These tasks will include anything from putting on deodorant to getting your dance on (and maybe how to poop). And the questions? Well that's up to you.

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